Justin Smith

My interview with Desert Golfing developer Justin Smith by Alec Kubas-Meyer

Justin Smith (Twitter handle @manbearcar) is an interesting guy who makes interesting games. Most recently, he made the extremely interesting game Desert Golfingavailable now for iOS and Android devices.

And it really is extremely interesting, both on the surface and below. I wrote about the game for The Daily Beast, and that article is the closest I have ever come to writing a piece of New Games Journalism, as defined by Kieron Gillen a decade ago. But there were some things about the game that I wasn't quite sure about, so I reached out to its developer and we set up a short email interview. (I generally dislike email interviews, but that is usually because marketing people sanitize them. Since this was just a one-man thing, that didn't seem so bad. Plus, I hate transcribing, so it worked out.)

I used a few of the things he said in my article, but he said a bunch of things that I found fascinating that I didn't use, so here is the interview, reproduced in full (plus a few of my own thoughts about his responses):

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