A (book) review of Film Crit Hulk's SCREENWRITING 101 [Flixist] / by Alec Kubas-Meyer

Screenwriting 101

Wherein I try to pretend like I know how to write book reviews.

I like screenwriting. I like it a lot, because it marries two of my biggest passions: writing and film production. I don't particularly like reading books about screenwriting, though, because I've taken classes on it and skimmed through some and found that a lot of them either say exactly the same thing or radically contradict each other and don't really help me. I'd rather write than read.

Enter Exception A. Film Crit Hulk's SCREENWRITING 101 should be required reading for every human interested in fiction writing of any kind, whether that's screenwriting, novel writing, or tweet-based microfiction. The first two-thirds are philosophical and conceptual, and they apply the "Why" rather than the "How." And when it focuses on the why, it's basically magical. Whoever Film Crit Hulk actually is, he's a freaking genius, and if I get the chance to meet him, I am going to hug him.

The radiation poisoning would be worth it.