The "How I Did Kickstarter" Series [Flixist] / by Alec Kubas-Meyer

Wherein I consider my life decisions
Wherein I discuss asking for money
Wherein I call out people without a vision
Wherein I explain my writing process
Wherein I talk about about filming myself
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During the month of September, I ran a Kickstarter with my friend Gerard Chamberlain. The two of us were funding a martial arts short film called Reel, which we co-wrote. In order to drum up some outside buzz, I decided to write a series of articles explaining the process for Flixist, going through each individual step of setting up the project page. Pitch text here, pitch video below:

I wrote the pitch text and continue to write the periodic backer updates. I put a whole lot of words into this project, which is cool because it combines my two favorite things (which are writing and filmmaking, in case you didn't read my "About" page).

I considered writing something for this blog, and I actually started a draft, but I never got around to finishing it. I was too busy doing everything else, and this thing gets maybe 10-20 hits a day. I also don't promote it particularly well, but that isn't the point. Point is: We reached our goal. I don't know that these articles played much of a part in that success, but I don't consider it time wasted. If anyone can learn from the things that we did, I'll be happy. Kickstarter is about community, about giving to others and getting some cool things in return. I wanted to do my part to keep that going.