Tom Hooper deserved a Razzie for Les Misérables [Flixist] / by Alec Kubas-Meyer

Tom Hooper as Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables

Wherein I deconstruct Tom Hooper's Les Misérables line by freaking line.

I love Les Misérables (the stage musical). Love it. And I was super excited for Tom Hooper's adaptation of it, because every single bit of news leading up to the release (no 3D (back when that was a thing), singing live on set, new song written by the original writers) excited me more. But when it came out, reviews were mixed and I realized that I should temper my expectations no matter what. That way I could be pleasantly surprised, but I wouldn't be horrendously disappointed.

That was a good decision.

At the time, I liked the movie... sort of. In retrospect, I really didn't. There were so many places for things to go right, and basically none of them did. It was nothing short of a travesty. So, as someone who spends a large portion of his time listening to the Les Mis soundtrack, I felt I was in a pretty good position to explain why Tom Hooper's directorial decisions hurt the best musical out there.

I am generally of the opinion that adaptations should be judged on their own merits, but when two lines are flipped around, breaking the rhyme scheme for no reason, then it loses that privilege. Sometimes it's even a single word that's replaced that changes the context not just of a scene, but of the entire movie for the worse.

And that's completely ridiculous.

So I complained about it in excruciating detail (and there was plenty more to say that I did not). Because Tom Hooper deserved a Golden Raspberry a whole lot more than the guy who made Breaking Dawn Part II.